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This section involves formulating an Open Badge proposal.

No Silver Bullet

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During this course you have:

How to create an Open Badge proposal

Every organisation works differently. Some will allow you to experiment tomorrow with badges. Others want a fully planned and costed business case. Whatever your situation, it can’t hurt to create a simple and straightforward proposal. If not for other people, it will help you understand what you are trying to achieve through your badge(s).

There are many ways you could forumlate this proposal. We’re going to use DigitalMe’s Badge Design Canvas because it’s free, easy-to-use, and has been shown in workshop after workshop to produce good results!

DigitalMe Badge Design Canvas

The sections are more or less self-explanatory, but you might want some guidance in terms of the order to fill in the boxes. Experience shows that starting with the following boxes quickly leads to positive outcomes:

  • Value proposition
  • Users
  • Skills & knowledge
  • Behaviours
  • Evidence
  • Criteria

It’s also worth having a think about what the visual design of the badge would look like. Don’t start with this, however, as it can constrain your thinking. You might want to jot down some ideas using the Noun Project, Font Awesome, or even just Google Images for inspiration.

Next steps

This course has taken you from being a badge n00b to understanding how Open Badges work — and how you can issue your first badge. The next steps are up to you!

You could:

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